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The Taste of Mango

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In this hypnotically cinematic love letter flowing through time and generations, director Chloe Abrahams probes raw questions her mother and grandmother have long brushed aside, tenderly untangling painful knots in her family’s unspoken past.

Directors Spotlight

Chloe Abrahams


Chloe Abrahams is a Sri Lankan British artist and filmmaker based between New York and London. Using methods drawn from both documentary and fiction practices, she investigates the therapeutic potential of the confessional, culminating in visceral work spanning moving image, sound, writing and performance. In 2020, Chloe was awarded the John Brabourne Award and has three times been shortlisted for the Bloomberg New Contemporaries (2018, 2019, 2022). She had her first solo exhibition at OVADA (2014), and has since been selected for exhibitions worldwide, including The London Open at the Whitechapel Gallery 2022. Previously, Chloe worked as the Marketing Coordinator for documentary distributor Dogwoof, responsible for the execution of all UK theatrical campaigns, and recently completed a Master’s in Moving Image at the Royal College of Art, where she was nominated for the HIGH Prize for Excellence.

  • Year: 2023
  • Runtime: 75 minutes
  • Country: UK, USA
  • Language: English
  • Director: Chloe Abrahams
  • Cinematographer: Chloe Abrahams
  • Composer: Suren Seneviratne
  • Editor: Chloe Abrahams, Stella Heath Keir, Isidore Bethel
  • Executive Producer: Diane Quon, Kellen Quinn, Martha Gregory, Hannah Bush Bailey, Robina Riccitiello, Bill Way
  • Producer: Chloe Abrahams, Elliott Whitton
  • Screenwriter: Chloe Abrahams
  • Sound Design: Eli Cohn
  • Premiere: Philadelphia

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