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We Are Griots (Nous les Griots)

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Daouda is a father from Senegal living in France. Malik, his son, wants to marry Mariama. A meeting beetween the families is organized around a meal. Daouda discovers that the families are from two different social castes: his is griot, and the other family’s is noble.

Directors Spotlight

Demba Konate


Demba Konate is an autodidact. He was introduced to directing in 2014 at a workshop in his city. Graduated with a Master’s degree in Political Science, he became a social worker. In 2015, Demba was selected for a residency during which he wrote his first short film, Nous les griots, produced by Nouvelle Toile.

  • Year: 2023
  • Runtime: 17 minutes
  • Country: France
  • Language: French, Soninke
  • Director: Demba Konaté
  • Cast: Mehdy Timera, Isma Kebe, Aissata Ba Thiam, Malick Diallo, Bakary Toure, Madi Konte
  • Cinematographer: Alan Guichaoua
  • Editor: Ana Agnello
  • Executive Producer: Khir-Din Grid
  • Production Design: Mathis Brunet-Bahut
  • Screenwriter: Demba Konaté
  • Premiere: United States

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